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Writing Goal Posters

Hi guys!
 I hope you are all doing well and keeping calm during this crazy assessment term!

I have had quite a few teachers message and email me about how I use my new Writing Goal Posters so I thought I would explain how I use them here :)

This year, I am teaching Grade 1 and now that Term 1 is over, we are really beginning to get into some nitty gritty WRITING!! We have been writing about all sorts of engaging topics (which I will include in a separate blog post on how I conduct my writing lessons... more to come), and I have decided that it is now time to start introducing my individual 
Writing Goals.

So here is my Writing Goals display. I have only displayed a few goals at a time (the most relevant ones to my class). I don't want to overwhelm them and I also have limited wall space. I have put my students' names next to their corresponding writing goal and the display is nice and large so they can see it from their seats.

For now, I have chosen their goals for them and have based it on their current writing abilities and writing behaviours. I only JUST introduced this today so once they get the hang of it and I see the children are achieving their goals, I will open it up to them to begin deciding on what they would like to work on (with a little guidance from myself of course!) 
I do believe it's good for the children to have some ownership over their own learning but this will come once they are aware of what 'good writers do'.
Not all children will move as frequently as others. Some might be working on the same goal for while whilst others will move around quite quickly, once I see they are consistently achieving their goal. 

Writing Goal Posters

HERE you will find my Writing Goals Poster Pack:

In this pack there are 34 various writing goals that will cater for all writing abilities in a Foundation/Kindergarten class all the way up to Year 3/4. Just choose the ones that apply to your students.

FREE Pencil Name Tags

HERE you will find the pencil name tags that I used. They are editable and are in Powerpoint format. Just type in your students names and print. I put some velcro dots on the back of mine to stick to my lovely carpeted walls ;).

Got limited wall space?

You can always shrink these posters to A5 size. (They are currently A4). You can do this in your printer settings.

Writing Goal Reminder Slips

In conjunction with these Writing Goal posters, I use smaller, Writing Goal Slips which I staple into my students writing books. 

(You can also have a dedicated Goals Book for them to record all their goals in if you wish). 
Last year, I used these:

Happy goal setting everyone!

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