Miss Jacobs' Little Learners: Nursery Rhyme Bundle......3!!!!                                                          

Nursery Rhyme Bundle......3!!!!

Hello Lovely Readers!

This is just a quick post letting you know about my updated Nursery Rhymes pack!

For those of you that teach Kinder, Grade Prep, Foundation (whatever you call it in your part of the world) you would know how important teaching Nursery Rhymes are at the beginning of your students' reading journey.

My original Nursery Rhyme Pack is my best seller and includes everything you need to teach a unit of Nursery Rhymes. I have since created a 2nd Nursery Rhyme Pack and then a 3rd!

I have now decided to bundle them all up to make things easier and better value for you!

Introducing: Nursery Rhymes Pack Bundle 1, 2 & 3!

It includes: 21 Nursery Rhymes and corresponding activities with lesson plans.

I hope you enjoy using this pack with your little ones! Happy Reading :)

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