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Alphabet Activities: First few weeks of Kinder (Prep)

It has been a couple of exhausting weeks for both my Kinders and myself since starting back at school however I am so proud of just how far they have come in such a short amount of time.

Many of the children I teach are EAL (English as an alternate language) so they have started school with very little (if any) alphabet knowledge.

To get them up to speed we have been using lots of songs found online - one of my favourites is The Phonics Song by Kids TV123 and can be found on YouTube.

During the Literacy block we will usually start with a few alphabet songs and then head off to the numerous activities placed around the room. The children rotate throughout the groups and at this stage are mixed ability level.

Some of the activities I have put in place are; making letters with playdough, sorting magnetic letters into alphabetical order, matching magnetic letters to a game board and alphabet craft. We have looked at 2 letters in depth so far, letters I and T.

These boards are available at my TPT store.

Another great activity to assist with letter recognition is upper and lower case alphabet matching. I have an ice-cream alphabet match game available at my TPT store that I use as well.

During the writing block we have been doing lots of tracing and fine motor building. Things like beading, playdough, popping plastic bubble wrap, using tweezers to pick up sticks and use of the whiteboard markers are great for building these skills.

We had a go at writing a sentence as a whole grade. There were no tears!!! :)

How are your Kinders going with the first few weeks back at school?

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