Miss Jacobs' Little Learners: Name activities                                                          

Name activities

During the early days of Grade Prep (Kindergarten) the children are still getting into the swing of writing their names and learning about letters. The best way to teach children about letters of the alphabet is through their name. Here are a few activities I have used in my class to help children learn the letters in their names. 

Match the letters with magnetic letters

You will need to create a table in Word and type in each letter of the children's names into it and then laminate. Leave a row empty below for the children to copy using magnetic letters. 

 Name Puzzle

Using card, write down the child's name and cut up into each letter. Place into a zip lock bag! 
Too easy!

Each child is given the little plastic zip bag and they put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. The children use their name tags on their tables to assist them in putting it together.