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Birthday Graph!

I wanted to share with you this cute little activity we did in our grade at the start of the year... (Yeah, I know...it's taken me a while to get it up here! - hehe)

This is a birthday activity where the children are required to each make their own cupcake and place their name and birthday on it. Then as a grade we come together and look at the months of the year that each of them were born in. Then we make a graph out of the cupcakes and discuss the data from the graph. It is then placed on display for us to see for the whole year!

I guess it can be used as a getting to know you activity AND a Numeracy activity as it incorporates Chance and Data as well as Time. BONUS!

Cute huh! I have a free copy of the cupcake template if you would like to use to make your own birthday graph - or even just cute cupcakes! ;) Click on the link for your copy.

Free Cupcake Template


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