Miss Jacobs' Little Learners: Week 1 in Prep J :)                                                          

Week 1 in Prep J :)

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! In our first 5 days of school, our little ones have been learning all about school rules and routines. We have been working very hard at trying to go to the toilet less and follow school procedures to become responsible school kids :)

So far we have learnt about Whole Body Listening - using all your body to learn and listen!

We traced one of the students and talked about the different body parts we use when we listen. Here is a pic of the activity.

After this whole group activity the children had their own cut and paste activity to complete about whole body listening.

We now have these hanging in our room for a reminder of how to sit on the floor during learning time :)

David Goes To School!

We have been reading the book 'David goes to school' by David Shannon every day this week - The kids LOVE it!!!! They are all trying their hardest to not be like David and have come up with a set of school rules that they will follow (or at least attempt to).

So today, we created our very own David's with a set of rules to follow at school. This fantastic activity was created by Angie from Fall Into First. It is such an adorable activity and the kids had a ball creating their very own David's. If you click on the link Angie has created the Black Line Master and you can grab a copy from her blog. :)

Because my grade are new to school and are still learning the basics - like how to cut - I will warn you - you will have to do a bit of preparation before hand and cut and sort all the pieces as the kiddies wouldn't be able to do it themselves at this stage. My partner and I cut them together whilst watching TV last night :) (I know... he is awesome!).

Also, I had a few Grade 3/4 helpers come in to give me a hand. I modelled the activity first - and then they did it independently (with a little assistance at times - we did have a few gluing mishaps! ;))

Here are some pics of the kids and the finished product from today :)

Morning Procedure

We have also been learning about our morning routine and created a poster (with help from our fabulous PE teacher) to hang on our whiteboard to remind us of all the steps we need to take in the mornings. I am hoping that now I will not have to remind them to unpack their bags and unstack chairs etc etc... Let's see if they remember tomorrow :)

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