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Classroom Library

At our school each classroom is required to have their own Classroom Library. I like to change my theme each year - last year my Team Teacher and I created a combined Classroom Library with a Space Theme. Take a look...

Each child had their own little astronaut with their face on it :) Also, in order to keep it neat and tidy and of course student friendly, we labelled each basket and included some cute pics.

This year, with my recent obsession with owls, I have decided to create an owl themed Classroom Library. It will be labelled with 'Reading is a Hoot!' I am planning on creating a large tree with 20 owls on it (I have 20 students) and the children can make their own owl to place on the tree :)
I cant wait to post the final result. But for now - here is a sneak peak of the signage....
What are your thoughts/ideas for your new Classroom Library????

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