Smartie Subtraction

We introduced subtraction to our little ones this week and what better way to do it than with some sugar! This Smarties Subtraction lesson worked a treat! :P (pun intended!)

Each student was given a box of Smarties and was asked to count how many there were in their box.

Then they were asked to eat a few and count how many were left. Children then recorded the corresponding subtraction number sentence. Each child continued eating their smarties and recorded  the number sentences until there were none left. 

Following this lesson, we discussed what subtraction is and what happens to numbers when we subtract. We shared some subtraction strategies that we could use to help us solve subtraction problems.

We discussed the use of a hundreds chart and a number line to assist us in 'Counting Back' as well as the 'Jump Method'.

I display these posters in my classroom once I have introduced each strategy to my children.

They are suitable for Foundation (Kindergarten) all the way up to grade 4 as they are differentiated to suit the various abilities in your grade. 


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