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Today I am joining a group of FANTASTIC Aussie teachers in a Product Linky that we like to call...


We have SWAPPED our products and have trialled and tested them in our own classrooms to SHARE how they work with YOU!
Then we are going to GIVE away a copy of all products that have been reviewed to one lucky winner by entering the Raffle Copter! Easy!
And finally, I have a FREEBIE for you all at the end of this post :)

All the Aussie Bloggers that have been involved in this Linky are towards the bottom of the post for you the check out! There are some great products up for grabs that you will DEFINITELY find useful in your classroom.

Now for my REVIEW...

I have teamed up with the lovely *Tania* from Mrs. Poultney's Ponderings and today I will be reviewing her pack called:
'Read it, Fix It: Proof Reading and Editing with Insects'

This pack honestly couldn't have come at a better time! First week back of term, I like to do a school holiday recount. Not only does it ease the children back into 'school mode' but it gives me an opportunity to read about what they did while they were away. (Let's face it - I don't really have the time to listen to 22 children tell me what they did on their holidays as they walk into the classroom on Day 1- I wish I did!)

Anyways, back to the pack.....

We have been talking about what 'GOOD WRITERS' do and the Writing Process so we spent a day on each step.

Day 1: Planning our writing through drawings
Day 2: Drafting
Day 3: Revising and Proof Reading
Day 4: Editing
Day 5: Publishing
We used the Read it, Fix it: Proof Reading and Editing' pack on days 3 and 4.
The pack comes with this fantastic editing poster - outlining each step in the editing process and a symbol for each one. We discussed each step as a grade and I used it in conjunction with my Writing Process Posters found here.
Then we went through each of the Punctuation Posters. These are adorable! The kids came up with little names for each poster. Eg: "Full Stop Boy" and "Exclamation Mark Girl!"
These posters are now permanently displayed in my room and cover the following:
*Talking Marks
*Full Stops/Periods
*Exclamation Marks
*Capital Letters
*Question Marks

And now for my favourite part of the pack. These handy bookmarks. I printed and laminated one for every student in my grade to keep at their desks to remind them of what to look for when editing.

I noticed such a difference when I corrected my student's work on Friday. They were actually PROOF READING and using a red pencil to edit their work!! They produced some fabulous holiday recounts!

For those students who need more practise editing and revising their work, Tania has included lots of activity sheets which require students to edit the paragraphs. (Yes, she has thought of everything!)

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use this pack with my students Tania! It was a great series of lessons and we will continue to use this pack and make references to it for the remainder of the year. Such a fantastic resource!

Be sure to check out the other Aussie bloggers in the Linky below after you enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a copy of all of the resources featured in our Product Swap Linky!!

Happy Editing!

Oh, that's right, I mentioned a FREEBIE!!! Here is my Springtime Emergent Reader: What's in your garden? focussing on the sight words 'I can see' along with working on Springtime vocal and colour knowledge.
Perfect for Pre K - K students or those who are still at the Emergent Reader stage.
You can grab it HERE:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eliminate the 'CRAY CRAY' with these student Expert Tags! {FREEBIE}

Now, I don't know about you, but my weekly Computer sessions in my grade are CHAOTIC! 

Every child gets a laptop. They then need to log on with a username and password. Then wait for any updates to load. (Grrrrrr) Then silly little Google Chrome pop-ups come up (EVERY TIME!!!!). Next, they need to type in the URL and then their Reading Eggs or Mathletics user names and passwords. Finally, they can access the program (provided all these steps have been followed correctly).

During all this, I am running around like a mad woman helping them all out. It takes me a good half an hour to get them all logged on and settled and it is VERY STRESSFUL! I used to really dread our laptop sessions. 

So...... I had no choice but to get some extra assistance from some I.T experts..... some competent students in my grade that is! 
 Ever since I introduced 'I.T Experts', my job during this time has been much less stressful. My chosen experts help with closing unwanted pop up boxes and typing in user names and passwords for children who are struggling. So effectively, we have 3 people going around assisting the students logging on instead of one and it is soooo much less time consuming.

The other day I made these little I.T Expert Tags for them to wear :) My little helpers feel really special when they wear them.

I would love to share these Expert Tags with you all so I have listed them as a FREEBIE on TPT and they are available here: 

This pack also includes some general 'Expert Tags' for you to use in other areas.

Simply print, laminate, hole punch and attach to a lanyard.

I hope this helps make things a little less 'CRAY CRAY' in your classroom ;)

Got an uneven amount of students in your class? Don't stress!

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a short post today to share with you all a little TIP that works for me when playing partnered games in the classroom.

I couldn't help but capture this moment when I gave my puppet 'Nigel' to one of my students to be his 'partner' for one of our Maths warm up games. You should have seen the look of his face! It was a mixture of confusion and sheer delight as my students know they are not allowed to touch Nigel without my permission.

We had an odd amount of students in the grade and I needed to work with another group so Nigel was  a fill in for the game. 

This works wonders and is guaranteed to stop any tears or tantrums due to uneven numbers in the grade. You can use any sort of stuffed toy like a teddy bear or puppet. The student will need to roll the dice for both themselves and their partner.

Fun for all!!! :)

A closer look at my Reading Goal Reminder Slips

Reading Goals Reminder Slips

Last week I posted a new product that I am LOVING!!! I should have created this ages ago because it has made my life sooo much easier and my students are finally, TALKING READING GOALS! 
Now, when I ask them what their reading goals are, they are telling me! No more blank faces....

I get a lot of parents who ask how their child is going and what they can do at home to support them so these little slips work really well to inform parents what their child has been learning about and HOW they can implement it. 

I have been stapling them to their Yellow Reading Log books that they take home every day. Their parents sign it so they are bound to discuss it with their child. You could paste or staple it in their communication books or create a reading goal book for them to stick it into.

Each Reading Goal has a little description and a cute visual to go with it. (We all know how much these kids rely on visuals!!!) I have included 30 different goals and some include 2 spelling versions for Aussies/UK spelling and USA. Each sheet comes in both colour AND black & white to save ink. I just print the black & white ones onto coloured card.

I hope your kids benefit from using them as much as mine have!

Sea Life Pack: Differentiated K-2 Unit

Today I am sharing my latest pack with you all!
Drumroll.......... Daa Daah!
It's my Sea Life DIFFERENTIATED K-2 pack!

I was inspired to create this K-2 pack because I know all too well what its like having so many varying abilities in the one grade and having to cater for them all. I have spent waaaay too many hours coming up with learning tasks for my support group and extension group (on top of the other tasks for the remainder of the grade).

I wanted to create something that teachers could use for ALL LEVELS.
This pack includes things such as basic labelled diagrams and emergent readers focusing on sight words and one to one correspondence all the way to writing detailed information reports and creating a Non Fiction/Information text including features like a contents page and glossary.

If your support group can't manage that, no problem, they can create a fact sheet on their sea creature instead :)

My students go to a visit to the Aquarium during our Sea Life unit so I have included a Pre and Post Aquarium visit section to get the most out of your excursion! It includes things like writing a list of questions to ask the Marine Biologist, Student Name Tag (Marine Biologist & Deep Sea Diver) badges for your students to wear when they are there and POST activities like writing a thank you letter to the Marine Biologist and a recount of the day. (There are 4 different versions of writing lines to suit your students' needs)

During this unit, your students will be working towards creating an Information Book of their own on a sea creature of their choice. All templates and graphic organisers have been included and there are 2 versions - a support and extension.

OR your students can create an Information Book about ALL sea life throughout the unit and compile it together at the end.
It also includes colour and black & white Close Reads for 9 various Sea Life creatures.

Each section of the pack comes with instructions and a breakdown of how to use it in your classroom. :)                  This Sea Life Pack is available HERE!                                                             I really hope you enjoy using this unit with your students! Sea Life is such a fun topic to teach! Any feedback is welcome.

And seeing as though we are talking about Sea Life, I just HAD to share with you some cute crafts that one of my fellow teachers did with her grade this week.
If I were a sea creature.....
WAAAAY too cute!

Bugs Galore: Reading, Writing & Numeracy Pack

Today I wanted to go through my 'Bugs Galore' theme pack for those of you who wish to see it in greater detail :) 

This pack has been created to assist you in integrating the topic of bugs/minibeasts/insects into the daily curriculum. i.e; Language Arts/English & Math. It includes 86 pages of activities and covers:
Data and Graphing, Positional Language, Information Texts (Reading and Writing), Emergent Readers, Graphic Organizers, Sight Word Work, Creative Writing, Labelled Diagrams, Flashcards, Word Wall Cards & Bug Detective Student Name Tags.

Suitable for students in Kindergarden to Grade 2, this pack is prefect for differentiation in your classroom!

Available HERE from my TPT Store

Here is a breakdown of exactly what's included:
✔ Bugs Flash Cards
✔ 'This' Emergent Reader
✔'I Can See' Emergent Reader
✔'I Can See' Sentence Sequencing Activity
✔'This' Bug Flipbook
✔ 5 Bugs A4 Colour and Black and White Information Text Posters
✔ Bugs Information Text student copies
✔ Colour by Sight Word
✔ Information Text Writing Templates
✔ Labelled Diagrams
✔ Can, Have Are Graphic Organisers
✔ Information Text Topic Web Plans
✔ Venn Diagrams
✔ KWL Chart
✔ Persuasive Writing Piece
✔ Graphing Sheet
✔ Numeracy Location Book
✔ Bug Hunt Tally Sheet
✔ Bug Detective Editable Badges

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