Old Skool {Our first excursion for 2015}

Our integrated topic for this term is a history unit as we learn about the changes through time in our local community.

We are lucky enough to have a refurbished school that was originally established in 1888 available to us so we thought it would be a good opportunity for the children to see how school has changed between then and now.

Well....it certainly was an eye opener! To be honest, I was actually really surprised at how engaged the children have been throughout this unit! They are really enjoying learning about how things have changed in our community.

Here are some pics from the excursion :)

Take a look at these rules for teachers!
Can you imagine teachers actually having to follow these rules nowadays??? AS IF!!??

Doubles, Doubles, I can add doubles!

It was DOUBLES week in Maths last week! With a little help from Pinterest, I was able to incorporate some fun learning tasks into my lessons to help me teach this topic to my Grade 2's.

First of all we started with a warm up song. **WARNING this song is extremely catchy!**
There are 2 versions , 1-5 and 6-10.

Next, we created our very own Double Dudes! The template to this cute activity was included in an Addition Strategy pack I purchased from TPT and made by Amy Lemons. :)

The following day, we played a game of "Double Bingo'
During our Share Time, we played a quick game of 'Doubles Stomp' (inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest.)

Doubles Stomp: How to Play:

Spread out numbers 0-24 (even numbers only)
Children sit in a circle. 
Choose two children to play against each other.
Call out a doubles sum - Eg: Double 7, or 7 and 7
Children need to stomp on the correct answer.
First child to do so wins, the other child sits back in the circle.
Too easy!

Early Years Farm Unit!!!

Ok, so I'm only a couple of months late in sharing this with you all!! It's been on my never-ending list of things to do! Seeing as though today is a public holiday in Victoria, I have a bonus day to get things done. YAY!! So.......

Every year in Prep/Kindergarten we do a unit on the FARM which includes an excursion!!! (Always loads of fun!!!) So, after many years of teaching this unit, I decided to create the perfect Farm Pack to  assist me and others in teaching it!
I have included HEAPS of printables, books and resources (around 90 pages worth) to go with it :)

Introducing...... my early years 
Click on the unit cover for you own copy of this unit.

 Our Excursion to the Collingwood Children's Farm

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