Magic Fridays Linky!!! 50% off new resources from numbers TPT sellers :)

Hello all!

I'm excited to be participating in a BRAND NEW Linky organised by fellow Aussie Blogger, 

Basically, a number of TPT sellers have come together and organised a 50% off sale on newly posted and popular items from their TPT stores. (Yep, thats half price!)
Head over to her Linky by clicking the link below to see a list of items available and sellers who are involved. 

I will be including my new units:
Both will be on sale for $4 each on Friday 29th August. (I will be starting it at 12am today and go through to Saturday 30th at midday to cater for US teachers).

Hope you grab some bargains! :)

Literacy Circle FREEBIE! From Paula's Place!

Everyone loves a freebie!

One of my fellow Victorian teacher bloggers, Paula from Paula's Place has created this Literature Circles Pack aimed at Grade 3-6's. She is offering it Free via her Facebook Fan Page.

Click on the link below to take you to her Facebook page to grab it for yourself :)

Paulas Place

Five For Friday: First Ever Link Up! (YAY!)

This is my first ever Five For Friday Linky Post!!!! OH MY!!! 

It's been a busy week in Prep J this week and I just HAD to share some of the learning that has taken place along with some personal events. Here is a snapshot of my week….

Prep Excursion!

Prep J went on our very first excursion! We had such a fun day. First we caught a train and then we went to the park, followed by the beach. The children had a ball making sandcastles and enjoyed their treat of fish and chips. We were lucky enough to see some sea creatures along the way. We wrote about it today and the quality of their writing was amazing!


My sister got engaged!!!!! Her fiancĂ© James proposed to her in New York and had a photographer organised to capture the very moment. Nawwww! 
She is still away on holidays at the moment so I can't wait to see her when she gets back. (Now I get to help her plan her wedding!!! :)

Bugs Galore Pack!

I finished creating a new pack on Bugs. We have been learning about Living Things in Prep J and I have been trying to integrate this topic into our Reading, Writing and Numeracy sessions. I created this pack to assist me. It covers a range of areas and particularly focuses on Information Texts (reading and writing). It took me a while to create so I was very excited to finally start using it with my class this week. The best thing about this pack is that it caters for all the different ability levels in my grade. From dictated text to my top end readers.

This pack is available at my TPT Store by clicking the link below:

Numeracy Location Emergent Reader
 2x Sight Word Emergent Readers 
 Information Text Planning Documents and Graphic Organizers

My Little Writers!

I am truly amazed every day by my students' writing! This week we read a book called 'The Sunflower that went Flop!' We were focussing on the Comprehension Strategy of summarising so once we read it we had to orally summarise the story to a partner and then record and draw our summaries.

I was blown away by their comprehension AND their writing ability. Makes me so proud :)

Fitness and Exercise! Making some changes...

For those who know me well, it is no secret that I am not very sporty and have never been a fan of the gym. I 'donated' to Fernwood for a year once… I only ever went in there abut 10 times during that time!

So this year, I REALLY wanted to make a change and incorporate more physical activity into my life. It's taken me 7 months to start, however I have joined a new gym around the corner from my place and have committed to 3 sessions a week. This is my third week and I'm feeling great. I'm not doing it to lose weight (although that would be a bonus) it's more to boost my energy levels and build my fitness and stamina. I"m really hoping that it will continue because more often than not, I am pretty exhausted by the time the children go home, participated in meetings and prepared for the next day. It's very easy to push it to the side and leave it for 'another day'. So, if I must say so myself, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself so far!

Non-Fiction Reading and Writing Unit!

I'm excited to announce I have completed my newest pack, my  

This is in the same series as my Narrative Writing Pack and is available in my TPT Store.

This pack has been requested by many of you and for this weekend, I am offering it for 50% off :)

Here's whats included:

A4 Coloured posters outlining the features of a non fiction text and examples of each feature with a definition and cute graphics to match.
Graphic Organizers and Activities for your students to plan and create their own non-fiction writing pieces.
PLUS it comes with a detailed breakdown of the unit for you to follow - LESSON BY LESSON


What is Non-Fiction?
Features of a Non-Fiction text
Contents Page
Labelled Diagrams
Tables and Charts
Fact Boxes
Writing Templates
Planning sheets and Organisers for your students to create their very own Non-Fiction book.
You will also get detailed lesson plans and an overview of the entire unit.

Children will be working towards creating their very own Non-Fiction writing piece.

I also have a Narrative Writing Unit in the same series. It is available here and is one of my

Happy Writing!!

Authentic Early Years Maths Activities

Looking for a meaningful and engaging addition/subtraction activity?

This activity is perfect for teaching 'Friends of Ten' or Ten Facts, subtraction and/or addition and gets the children moving!!

All you need are some hoola hoops and some bean bags. Children can work in groups and record their findings. Later, you can share all the combinations with the grade and display on a poster.

 Have you tried this before or something similar?

Early Counting and Number Recognition Game FREEBIE!

Hello fellow Educators!

It's been some time since I've last blogged about the happenings in my classroom!

I have recently moved house and have been working on one of my personal goals for the year which is to incorporate more exercise into my life. Now that I have settled into my new surroundings, I have finally joined the gym and am currently in Week 1 of my 12 Week Body Challenge. I am hoping to become more fit and actually ENJOY exercise for a change. It's very easy to just push it to the side as daily life takes over with work, maintaining a house and a social life and not to mention RESTING!!! The life of a teacher can be very hectic at times, however I am trying to make my health a priority by scheduling in certain times and days for exercise. I must say, I am feeling really great since I have started :)

Now, back to the purpose of this post….

As it is the beginning of the school year in many schools in America, I thought I would post a freebie to assist with Early Counting in the classroom. I used this lots in the beginning of the year with my Prep students and I hope it will be of some assistance to you too. I have even pulled it out again recently for some of my students that are still struggling with their number recognition.

Instructions are included in the pack. Just click on the pictures and download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. If you do happen to download it, I would really appreciate it if you leave me some feedback on the TPT site.


A special mention to Graphics from the Pond for the gorgeous clip art I used for this pack.

I hope you enjoy using this with your little ones :)
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