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Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited! I've been busy working on a new resource for my class for the first Term. Every year we do a little unit on Nursery Rhymes and I am forever finding a new Nursery Rhyme each week and coming up with activities for each one! Well.... this year I thought I'd be organised and seeing as though I am on holidays I thought I would get a head start and do it all now!

The entire unit has 7 different Nursery Rhymes and we will look at a new one each week. We look at one together during Shared Reading and use our Reading and Comprehension strategies to decode the words and infer their meaning.

Then each child gets a mini copy of the Nursery Rhyme and they paste it into their own Nursery Rhyme booklet. They decorate it and draw a picture on the opposite page. The kids absolutely LOVE these books and really enjoy reading it during their Independent Reading time.

During their literacy group activities - some children will be using the sentence strips and sequencing the Nursery Rhyme into the pocket charts. Others will be completing the handwriting sheets and others can complete the fill in the gaps cut and paste activity.

Looking at and reading Nursery Rhymes during the early stages of reading are really beneficial for the children as at this stage they are often reluctant to read as many of them are still learning and find it very difficult. Because these are rhymes that most of them know, (they pick them up really quickly) it gives them the confidence to read and provides a lot of enjoyment as well :)

When we are done looking at the Nursery Rhyme for the week, I usually display it in the room or place it in an A3 display book for our classroom library. They can later use it to find sight words during out sight word hunts.

Here is a sneak peak.... (It is also available on TPT)

I'm looking so forward to using it with my little ones in a few weeks and will be sure to post some pics when we are done. :)


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