Back to School! :) What a great day!

WOW! What an amazing first day I had back at school today! My 22 little Grade Preps were just beautiful! We had a few tears - from the children AND their parents :) A few little toilet  'accidents' and a few lost children after recess who were still playing or couldn't find their way back to the line up area, but other than that the day ran really smoothly and has given me a lot of excitement about the year ahead.

Today we took it easy and gave the children a tour of the school and showed them where to put their belongings etc. We did a little colouring activity about their first day of school and gave them a photo of themselves from today to take home.

I had forgotten just how needy they are on the first day - the first few weeks will probably be like today. The kids were hungry by 10.00am and lots of them just wanted to go outside and play! hehe

I thought I would put up a few pics of my classroom so far - some are blurry - sorry. Lots of our decorations will come later as the children work on things and we develop our classroom rules etc.

I'm looking forward to reading other Aussie teachers experiences they had this week with their children :)

Have a great week guys!


  1. Love the photos of your room and it's so great to hear that you had a really good first day back! I forgot how needy they are too and struggled to keep some of my kiddies engaged during carpet time - all they wanted to do was play too! I'm so incredibly exhausted tonight after my first day - I hope tomorrow they have magically learnt how to line up hehe. Looking forward to hearing more about your Prep class over the year!

  2. Love your room!

    Glad to hear you had a great first day - it's such a big milestone for the preps! My class (a Prep/1) start tomorrow (just the ones) and Friday (the preps) and I'm so looking forward to seeing them come through the door. I'll be blogging about it for sure.

    I hope your second day (and every other day this year) are just as great for you and your class!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Thanks Stefanie, I'm looking forward to having a full week with them next week :)

  3. Great to hear how your first day went. We are testing using the MOI and EOI until Friday. So our first full day is Monday. Your classroom is looking great.

    1. Hi Paula,

      Our kiddies are doing half days for the first few weeks so when the leave at 1pm we do their testing (EOL and EYNI). It makes for a looooong day :)

  4. Yay! Another Aussie Blog!

    Week 1 down, now to get to more work!


  5. Hi Alison! Yes, I get excited when I find another Aussie blog too! I am now following you :)



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