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School Holiday Giveaway!!!

I'm feeling a little generous today!!! (And not to mention a little adventurous) so I have decided to throw a little school holiday.....


I've called it a 'School Holiday Giveaway' as us Australian teachers are on school holidays at the moment and I am loving the extra time I have had to catch up for coffees, shop, get my hair done, have a dance with some other fantastic teachers, create teaching resources and of course.... experiment with my blog!!! :) - All things I very rarely have time to do during the school term.

If you would like to enter this competition...

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Community Helpers/ Occupations Activity Pack!!

I'm excited to share with you all today a new resource I have been working on for our Community Helpers unit next term.

Here is a preview of the activities in the pack. I cant wait to teach this unit - it is going to be a lot of fun as we have some little excursions and incursions that we will attend around our community.

I will post some pics as the unit progresses :)

For now - here is everything included in the pack I created and it is available at my TPT store at an introductory price for a short time :)

Looking forward to sharing the adventures from this unit with you next term !

Shape Posters

Hi all!

Hope you are having a good week so far... :)

Just a quick one today - I wanted to show you some of our gorgeous shape posters we have created. We did this for Numeracy as we have just finished our shape unit. The children were given a variety of pre-cut shapes (prepared by me of course... sorry - a bit or sarcasm there because as all Prep/Kinder teachers would know - us teachers need to cut everything - otherwise it will be in pieces!) and so they were asked to create a robot picture using all four shapes - squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. Here are just a few - they ALL turned out so adorable!

Once they were finished I asked them to point to certain shapes for me and I documented their results as a mini assessment task.

Ok, must get back to it! Until next time,

Birthday Graph!

I wanted to share with you this cute little activity we did in our grade at the start of the year... (Yeah, I know...it's taken me a while to get it up here! - hehe)

This is a birthday activity where the children are required to each make their own cupcake and place their name and birthday on it. Then as a grade we come together and look at the months of the year that each of them were born in. Then we make a graph out of the cupcakes and discuss the data from the graph. It is then placed on display for us to see for the whole year!

I guess it can be used as a getting to know you activity AND a Numeracy activity as it incorporates Chance and Data as well as Time. BONUS!

Cute huh! I have a free copy of the cupcake template if you would like to use to make your own birthday graph - or even just cute cupcakes! ;) Click on the link for your copy.

Free Cupcake Template


Owl Themed Classroom Library

It's finally up and running! We have completed our classroom library so as promised (back in January!!!) here is what it looks like :)

I made the bean bag as a uni project years ago! Finally, it came to good use :) 

I painted the tree trunk and used green card for the leaves.

Each child was responsible for making their own owl and chose their own design. Then we stuck a photo of them in the middle. This gorgeous owl template was one I found on Pinterest from Classroom Compulsion and its free!

 Each tub is clearly labelled and the children assisted in sorting all the books out. I wanted to give them ownership over the library from the very beginning. It is their responsibility to keep it neat and organised. My classroom library tub labels are available at my TPT store.

As a whole grade, we discussed what rules we should put in place whilst in the classroom library. Here is what we came up with.

So far, the children have absolutely adored being in this special space in our classroom. Each child had an opportunity to chose some books to put in it so they are all of interest to the kids. 

I would love to see your classroom libraries! Place a link to your classroom library in the comment section if you would like to share!!

Name activities

During the early days of Grade Prep (Kindergarten) the children are still getting into the swing of writing their names and learning about letters. The best way to teach children about letters of the alphabet is through their name. Here are a few activities I have used in my class to help children learn the letters in their names. 

Match the letters with magnetic letters

You will need to create a table in Word and type in each letter of the children's names into it and then laminate. Leave a row empty below for the children to copy using magnetic letters. 

 Name Puzzle

Using card, write down the child's name and cut up into each letter. Place into a zip lock bag! 
Too easy!

Each child is given the little plastic zip bag and they put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. The children use their name tags on their tables to assist them in putting it together.

Alphabet letters I and J

Apologies for not posting much lately! Things have been crazy, busy at school lately and I have been finding it very difficult to balance life and work - but hey, that's the life of a dedicated teacher I suppose!

I wanted to create a quick entry to share some of the fantastic work we have been doing in Prep over the last few weeks. We have been learning the letters of the alphabet and look at two different letters each week. This entry is about the letter I and J. Each time we learn a new letter I like to do a little craft activity with it just to reinforce the sounds the letters make.

I found some great ideas on Pinterest and adapted them to suit my grade.

I is for insect!

When learning the letter I, we created an insect out of pipe cleaners and decorated it. We also did a follow-up writing activity where the children had to label an insect. I put it on the interactive whiteboard first and we did it as a grade - then the children went off to create their own.

If you would like to use the Label the Insect task in your classroom click on the link :)

J is for Jewels

After learning about the letter J we decorated capital and lower case J's with jewels. They really make our classroom look beautiful and the kids loved them. It also assisted the children with their fine motor skills! :)

Hopefully I wont leave it so long between my next post.... until next time :)

Week 1 in Prep J :)

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! In our first 5 days of school, our little ones have been learning all about school rules and routines. We have been working very hard at trying to go to the toilet less and follow school procedures to become responsible school kids :)

So far we have learnt about Whole Body Listening - using all your body to learn and listen!

We traced one of the students and talked about the different body parts we use when we listen. Here is a pic of the activity.

After this whole group activity the children had their own cut and paste activity to complete about whole body listening.

We now have these hanging in our room for a reminder of how to sit on the floor during learning time :)

David Goes To School!

We have been reading the book 'David goes to school' by David Shannon every day this week - The kids LOVE it!!!! They are all trying their hardest to not be like David and have come up with a set of school rules that they will follow (or at least attempt to).

So today, we created our very own David's with a set of rules to follow at school. This fantastic activity was created by Angie from Fall Into First. It is such an adorable activity and the kids had a ball creating their very own David's. If you click on the link Angie has created the Black Line Master and you can grab a copy from her blog. :)

Because my grade are new to school and are still learning the basics - like how to cut - I will warn you - you will have to do a bit of preparation before hand and cut and sort all the pieces as the kiddies wouldn't be able to do it themselves at this stage. My partner and I cut them together whilst watching TV last night :) (I know... he is awesome!).

Also, I had a few Grade 3/4 helpers come in to give me a hand. I modelled the activity first - and then they did it independently (with a little assistance at times - we did have a few gluing mishaps! ;))

Here are some pics of the kids and the finished product from today :)

Morning Procedure

We have also been learning about our morning routine and created a poster (with help from our fabulous PE teacher) to hang on our whiteboard to remind us of all the steps we need to take in the mornings. I am hoping that now I will not have to remind them to unpack their bags and unstack chairs etc etc... Let's see if they remember tomorrow :)

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