Christmas Holidays!

Yay! It's the holidays! Now that I have some time off work I have decided to re-jig my blog and I have created a new template and some cool features to help it look pretty :)

I am still getting used to the blogging world and navigating my way around - however I did manage to add this photo....

My owl mug from my bestie ;)
This is a Christmas present that my best friend Nicole gave me - isn't it just adorable! (I have a little obsession with owls at the moment). Speaking of which, I am planning on creating an owl-themed Classroom Library next year! So excited about that - I have even started making the signage - its going to say 'Reading is a HOOT!' Can't wait!

Anyways, this little buddie is going to look gorgeous on my desk as a pencil holder I think! ;)

My first blog post! :)

So, here I am again! This is my second attempt at creating my very own Teaching Blog where I can reflect on my teaching practice and share resources and ideas with fellow educators. (Something I have wanted to do for a very long time!)

 I created this blog quite some time ago now and put it off due to other commitments and priorities. A lot has happened since then, including an experience of a life time - living and teaching in London! Now, I'm back in Melbourne and decided to have another go at the blogging world. It will be very much trial and error and although I LOVE technology (I always have to have the latest tech gadget and spend waaaay too much time on my MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone - anything Apple basically!) I am not so confident when it comes to this program. Coding scares me so I shall be steering well clear of anything too technical. I suppose I'll just learn a little more along the way - thanks to all the fantastic teacher bloggers out there that I have been following and who have inspired me to create my very own!

Wish me luck!
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